Slewing ring manufacturer answers customer’s questions in purchasing slewing ring bearings

The customer generally has some doubts about choosing the slewing bearing manufacturer and calculating the slewing bearing model and slewing bearing type. Today, Xiao Bian has sorted out some issues to help users understand some problems in slewing bearing procurement.

1. Is there a slewing ring model that can be directly selected?

No, each slewing bearing manufacturer has its own slewing ring coding method, even if you have a specific model of the slewing ring, if there is no corresponding drawing, it can not be calculated directly for you.

2. If there is no slewing bearing drawing and no slewing bearing model, what method is there for selection?

If you only have one set of slewing bearing, the corresponding slewing bearing model and drawing are not available. You can send the slewing bearing to the professional slewing bearing manufacturer, and the slewing bearing manufacturer can carry out accurate digital mapping for your product. Data, slewing bearing manufacturers will design drawings for the slewing ring.

3. If you have never used a slewing ring, you don’t know much about the slewing ring. How to choose a type?

You can contact a professional slewing bearing manufacturer to inform each other of your design requirements, such as size, load, production conditions, etc. The slewing bearing manufacturer’s technicians will help you select the appropriate model and design drawings.

4, in the hands of slewing bearings drawings, can be directly produced in accordance with the drawings slewing ring it?

No. Even if you have slewing ring drawings in your hands, the slewing bearing manufacturers, which are generally more rigorously governed, will also redesign the slewing bearing drawings that meet their coding requirements based on the data in this drawing. The slewing bearing model will change, and according to your actual needs, The slewing bearing design can be optimized. For example, under the premise of complete safety and reliability, the slewing bearing can be thinned and lightened to save the purchase cost of the user.

5, the slewing ring price quote is not the lower the better?

Of course not, the main cost of slewing ring includes two pieces of raw material and production cost. Especially for raw materials, Xiao Bian has written an analytical article on slewing ring raw materials. Slewing ring manufacturers teach you to understand the raw materials and production process of slewing bearing bearings. Slewing rings are the core mechanical parts. Reference quality.

6. What is the general delivery period of slewing bearing manufacturers?

The production efficiencies of different slewing bearing manufacturers are not the same. Some manufacturers need 60-90 days of production cycle to deliver. Xuzhou Jeheng Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd., due to its core advantages in the supply chain and production management, can basically guarantee Delivery of slewing bearings for users in 15-20 days, the higher the production efficiency, the lower the overall cost, and the stronger the competitiveness of the products in the market!

Above, we will first update these issues. Xiaobian will update more about the customer’s problems in the procurement of slewing bearings. If you are interested, you can directly collect this site!

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