Slewing Bearing

Slewing bearing, also named turntable bearing, is a new kind of large bearing which can bear integrated load. Meantime, it can bear heavier axial, radial and tilting load. Slewing bearings (turntable bearing) are widly used in harbor cranes, construction equipments, light industry equipments, mining equipments, medical equipments, environmental protection machines, amusement products, solar tracking system and wind power device etc.

Slewing Drive

Slewing drive, also called Rotary speed reducer, is a kind of full annular rotary reducer transmission device, who integrates the source of drive force. Mainly attached by slewing bearing as transmitting & slave driving component, through the rotary bearing inner and outer circle, one on the initiative of the cover, driving source and shell, and the other circle as a follower, both as the connection of the base driven working parts again, such use of rotary bearing itself is the week characteristics of rotary joints, effective configuration of driving power source and the main transmission parts, make it become a kind of integrating rotary, slow down and drive function and simple structure, manufacture and maintenance convenient universal reduction drive mechanism.

Application & service

Repair services

With 15 years of professional experience, Jieheng can provide you with professional slewing ring maintenance services, improve the efficiency of slewing ring use, and reduce the cost of slewing ring replacement.


Flexible Production

Relying on CRM, ERP full information management platform, digital production equipment and 15 years of professional design and production experience, Jiehon slewing bearing can provide users with slewing bearing small batch flexibly.