How to custom produce slewing bearing without drawings

A few days ago, I received some inquiries from customers in the tower crane, excavator and machinery industries about purchasing slewing bearings. One of the problems is relatively concentrated, and this problem is also more important for users. Here is a simple explanation, hoping to be able to Some help for everyone.

Due to the long-term confusion in the slewing bearing market, although the country has the BT2300-2018 slewing bearing industry standard, it has made uniform regulations on the specifications and model names of slewing bearings, but most slewing bearing manufacturers do not strictly follow the national industry standards. They designed a set of naming methods independently. As a result, the models of slewing bearing products on the market have become varied. For customers, because there is no unified naming rule for slewing bearings, in the secondary procurement process of slewing bearings, Customers can only purchase from the original manufacturer and the price is expensive. If the original manufacturer cannot provide it for various reasons, the customer will face the dilemma and risk of having nowhere to purchase the corresponding specifications of the slewing bearing.

In the customer inquiries received one after another these days, this problem is indeed more prominent, and it is concentrated in the tower crane, truck crane, excavator and non-standard machinery industries. Most of the slewing bearings need to be replaced due to failure reasons. The original manufacturer, the price is too expensive, or the original manufacturer can’t be found, I don’t know what to do.

In response to this common problem, we have listed several commonly used solutions for your reference.

1. There are slewing bearing drawings, but there is no finished slewing bearing

In this case, the problem is relatively simple, the customer can send the slewing bearing drawings to any professional slewing bearing manufacturer, and the technicians of the slewing bearing factory can re-draw the drawings, quote and produce according to the customer’s drawings.

2. There are slewing bearing finished products, but no slewing bearing drawings

This is the case with most customers, only damaged slewing bearing products and no slewing bearing drawings in hand. If this problem occurs, we suggest that the customer can send the slewing bearing to a professional slewing bearing manufacturer, and the technicians of the slewing bearing factory will conduct professional surveying and mapping of the slewing bearing, and reproduce the corresponding drawings of the slewing bearing. After the customer confirms the relevant parameters of the drawing, the slewing bearing factory can make quotation and production.

3. There is no slewing bearing drawing, and no slewing bearing finished product

If there is no finished slewing bearing in hand, and there is no corresponding slewing bearing drawing, this is a more troublesome problem. In this case, we recommend that the technical or engineering responsible personnel of the customer directly communicate with the professional technicians of the slewing bearing manufacturer. Standard documents, the slewing bearing manufacturer will carry out the slewing bearing selection calculation for the customer, and issue the corresponding technical drawings. After both parties confirm that the drawings meet the technical and installation requirements, the production can be arranged.

The above three solutions can basically solve the problems encountered by users in the process of repurchasing slewing bearing products. It should be reminded that customers should try their best to choose a professional and responsible slewing bearing manufacturer, and must require the manufacturer to send a copy of the slewing bearing drawing for record keeping.


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