2018 Domestic Slewing Bearing Market Analysis Report

Following the gradual recovery of the slewing and support market in 2017, domestic demand for slewing bearings will maintain its growth momentum in the first six months of 2018. This time, the market is recovering from short-term or medium-to-long term. What are the main reasons for the recovery? What are the causes and trends of the rise in slewing ring prices? Xiaobian made some simple analysis on these issues today.

What is the main reason for this slewing support market recovery? Continue reading

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Slewing Bearing Installation Schematic

Many users did not know enough about the installation of the slewing ring, often resulting in improper operation of the slewing ring due to installation errors or inaccuracies, such as inflexible rotation, abnormal sound, etc., today led by Xuzhou Jieheng Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. Xiaobian Learn how to install slewing rings and slewing bearings so that everyone can reduce problems and mistakes in installing slewing rings. Continue reading

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Market demand changes and analysis of lightweight slewing bearings

With the change of the economic structure of our country, the application of slewing bearings has also undergone major changes in recent years. Compared to the market structure that was mainly based on the needs of medium and large slewing bearings, small slewing bearings and light slewing ring bearings have received a lot of The application also reflects some structural changes in China’s manufacturing industry. Continue reading

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Why are the slewing ring prices of different manufacturers different?

Why are the slewing ring prices from different manufacturers so different? Many users will encounter such problems when purchasing slewing rings. What are the reasons for the huge differences in product prices among slewing bearing manufacturers? How can leaders reasonably explain why they are asked? Don’t worry, Xiao Bian will help you solve this problem today.

1. Cost difference caused by slewing ring raw materials

The main raw material of the slewing bearing is ring forgings, and the material is generally divided into 50Mn and 42Cr. The process is generally divided into normalizing and quenching. In this way, the slewing bearing raw materials can be divided into 50Mn normalizing material, 50Mn modified material, and 42Cr positive material. Fire material, 42Cr conditioning material four kinds of combinations. In terms of cost, 50Mn is cheaper than 42Cr, and the normalizing process is cheaper than the quenching process. Continue reading

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Slewing ring bearing, slewing ring bearing correct installation method and steps

What are the steps to correctly install the slewing ring? The following is an example of how to install the slewing ring in Xuzhou:

First, open the slewing bearing package, check the certificate and label, and confirm that the slewing bearing model used is correct.

1, the installation plane

The installation surface should be smooth and clean. Remove any excess material such as paint residue, beads, burrs, etc. Be careful not to let the solvent penetrate the inside of the slewing ring during cleaning, and do not use solvents that damage the sealing material. The mounting surface should be dry and free of lubricant before assembly. Measures should be taken to protect workers and the environment. The Continue reading

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Slewing bearing manufacturers take you to know the slewing bearing inspection standards

Slewing bearing manufacturers teach you to understand the slewing bearing inspection standards

After the user purchased the slewing ring, how to identify the quality of the slewing ring? What is the slewing bearing inspection standard? Today, Xuzhou Jieheng slewing bearing Xiaobian will take you to understand our slewing bearing inspection standards.

In general, inspecting slewing bearings requires the following 17 slewing bearing inspection standards: Continue reading

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Xuzhou slewing bearing in the domestic market competition analysis and thinking

The slewing bearing industry is a capital-intensive and technology-intensive industry. After years of development, the Xuzhou slewing bearing industry has initially established relatively perfect industry standards. The research and development capabilities of slewing bearing companies have been greatly improved, but compared with developed countries, they are developing and manufacturing technology development, process equipment and testing instruments. There are still some gaps in such aspects. Continue reading

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New equipment high-speed drilling lathe

At the beginning of march, jiheng rotary support nc production line is added with new equipment, full nc high-speed drill.

The high speed drilling equipment will greatly improve the quality and efficiency of the drilling technology and reduce the labor cost.

After several days of preparation, the equipment has been debugged and officially entered the production stage!
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