Market demand changes and analysis of lightweight slewing bearings

With the change of the economic structure of our country, the application of slewing bearings has also undergone major changes in recent years. Compared to the market structure that was mainly based on the needs of medium and large slewing bearings, small slewing bearings and light slewing ring bearings have received a lot of The application also reflects some structural changes in China’s manufacturing industry.

With the vigorous implementation of the national environmental protection policy, the port crane market has undergone significant changes in the past. Many domestic port crane production enterprises basically use the Inland River Basin as the main market. Since 2015, the state has intensified efforts to protect the inland rivers. All small and medium-sized wharfs have been temporarily shut down for rectification, and have directly affected the use of inland river ports as the main market. In the port crane market, the slewing ring is a key component of the port crane. Naturally, the slewing ring is also greatly influenced. The slewing bearing requirements of the conventional port cranes such as 1250, 1435, 1600, etc., are obviously reduced.

The real estate market is the main demand market for crane crane production enterprises. With the continuous downturn in new start-ups of real estate, the demand for tower cranes is almost a cliff-type drop. The rotating parts of tower crane crane cores, commonly used 1250,1435 and other types of slewing bearings are also subject to With significant influence, market demand has decreased significantly.

The same is true for wind power projects. After experiencing a period of frenzied development, wind power projects have exposed more and more problems, and domestic wind power projects have also gradually cooled. In the past, the demand for large-scale slewing rings used by wind power also plummeted.

Compared to the large-scale slewing bearing market, the small slewing bearings, light slewing bearings, and thin and light slewing bearings have received a lot of applications.

The emerging manufacturing industries, such as intelligent robots, industrial automation, packaging production lines, electric vehicle production lines, small construction vehicles, environmental protection equipment, amusement equipment, etc., have gradually taken up an increasing proportion in the economic structure in recent years. Slewing bearings are used as mechanical rotating mechanisms. The core components are used in a large number of applications in these industries.

The future will be a golden opportunity for China’s new manufacturing industry to flourish. China’s manufacturing industry will inevitably move toward high-precision and professional development. The China-made 2025 strategy has also clearly pointed out this trend.

The slewing bearing market has undergone very significant changes. As a traditional slewing bearing manufacturer and a slewing bearing manufacturer/supplier, Xuzhou Jieheng slewing bearing has decisively seized the changing trend of the slewing bearing market in the past two years and actively sought to change. The company has made drastic improvements in equipment upgrades, technology upgrades, and information management, including comprehensive digitization, miniaturization, and intelligentization of production equipment, introduction and promotion of technical talents, and an enterprise information management platform, and the construction and implementation of a CRM & ERP system platform. And so on, has greatly enhanced the company’s competitive advantage in medium and small slewing bearings.

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