2018 Domestic Slewing Bearing Market Analysis Report

Following the gradual recovery of the slewing and support market in 2017, domestic demand for slewing bearings will maintain its growth momentum in the first six months of 2018. This time, the market is recovering from short-term or medium-to-long term. What are the main reasons for the recovery? What are the causes and trends of the rise in slewing ring prices? Xiaobian made some simple analysis on these issues today.

What is the main reason for this slewing support market recovery?

From the point of view of large market demand changes, as the domestic construction machinery enters the new maintenance cycle, the gradual implementation of the National Belt and Road Initiative, the construction machinery sector as a whole picks up, and strong demand for construction machinery parts is transmitted to the slewing bearing market, resulting in an increase in demand for slewing bearings. On the other hand, due to the structural adjustment of the manufacturing industry in recent years, more and more new manufacturing industries such as smart manufacturing, industrial automation, new energy, environmental protection equipment, and amusement equipment have risen rapidly. For slewing bearings, especially non-standard customization and high precision The demand for high-quality slewing bearings has grown strongly.

The reasons for the rise in the price of slewing bearings and trends?

Due to the continuous influence of the state’s capacity-reduction policy on the steel industry, the supply of raw materials for slewing bearings was strained. At the same time, due to inspections by the State’s environmental protection inspection, some slewing bearing companies with environmental conditions that did not meet the standard gradually withdrew from the market, which objectively caused a shortage of raw materials for slewing bearings and production capacity. Compared with the strong growth in market demand, the supply of slewing bearings is in short supply. From a price point of view, in the future, the slewing bearing market price will keep increasing.

Is this market warming short-term or medium-long term?

Judging from the larger environment, the future international trade market will have more uncertainties. Domestic policies will have lags and delayed and superimposed effects. In the short to medium term, the slewing brace market will continue to maintain its current supply shortage and price increase trend, but long-term. Looking at the situation, as the national economic structure is adjusted, the slewing bearing market will gradually shift to high-precision and high-quality demands. The slewing bearing market will gradually return to normal and steady state. The price will enter a long-term stable stage. Traditional small and medium-sized slewing bearing companies need to Adapt to the trend in the changes, gradually eliminate backward production capacity, enhance the overall management level and competitiveness of enterprises.

From a comprehensive point of view, the domestic slewing bearing market was a bit confusing in 2018, but it also contained tremendous opportunities for development.

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