Professional slewing bearing repair

Under normal circumstances, after a period of time when the slewing ring is running, wear and consumption will occur. Any slewing bearing and slewing bearing cannot avoid wear. Although wear can not be avoided, it can be repaired through professional techniques and equipment to save users the maximum cost of use and improve the service life of the slewing ring.

What we can repair

  1. No deformation, crack, softening, potential impact of non-breakage, cracking
  2. The raceway has repair space to ensure the strength and rigidity of the bearing after repair

Repair service

  1. Raceway repair, to ensure the strength and rigidity of the bearing after repair
  2. Replace ball, roller, isolation block and other rolling elements
  3. Cage, sealing system, upgrade of spray antiseptic system

Repair processes

1, The users send the products to Jiehon’s Factory
2, After we check the product, it will provide the user with a feasibility analysis report for maintenance.
3, After confirmation of maintenance, the two parties sign the slewing bearing maintenance agreement and the user pays for maintenance
4, Maintenance completed signed by users.

Live site service

1, According to the needs of users, Jieheng can provide on-site service for users
2, On-site service costs include technical staff travel and technical service fees
3, Jieheng service team promises to reach domestic users within 48 hours
4, According to the on-site surveying and mapping data, technicians provide solutions for users as quickly as possible.